DY001- Big Mouth-Strong Voices

DY002- FocusedxMinds- Straight Edge Overload

DY003- Big Mouth- We Are The Youth

DY003.5- Big Mouth- LIVExMOUTH 1/09/11

DY004- Home Run- Demo 2010

DY005- War Hound- Live At The Beat Kitchen

DY006- Forever Young- Collinwood EP

DY007- War Hound Colder Than Ever Demonstration

DY008- Bitter Thoughts- Takers Demo

DY009- Sparrows- Grey

DY010- New Deal- 2012 Demo

DY011- Driveway- South Ossetia

DY012- Bestfriends- Inside Jokes

DY013- Modern Pain- Reality of The Pain EP

DY014- This Is Hardcore Compilation

DY015- Foxtail- EP

DY016- LifeSupport-Broken Record

DY017- Sparrows- 1989

DY018- Empire Of Rats- No Peace

DY019- Crosscheck- Over Analyzed

DY020- Free At Last- Pave Your Way

DY021- New Deal- Rites of Passage

DY022- Sprrws- There is a Loneliness in All of This

DY023- Choir Vandals- Darker Things

DY024- Devilz Advocate-Judgmental Eyes Session

DY025- Unloved- Ruin

DY026- ALONE- No Youth

DY027- The Underdogs Compilation

DY028- Out of Time- Self Titled

DY029- Head Rush- The Big Unknown

DY030- Youth Crisis/ JIG Split


DY032- On Point - Year in Fear